Michigan Day 1:

I've waited 6 months for my holiday and this last week Jack and I counted down with eager anticipation. We drove 7 hours to get here - our campsite in Michigan with our 3-bedroom cabin overlooking a lake. I had visions of a busy campsite, bustling with families, and us splashing about in the lake and having fun then coming back to a great cabin (luxurious and deluxe the ad said).

When we got here it was a rude awakening. It's a rustic campsite and there's not many people here. I've seen no families at all and each site is secluded in the woods. And our cabin was dirty. The bathroom bin made me gag (so foul I can't even type it here in case it sets me off again - let's just say it had items in it) and the kitchen needed a damn good scrub. Craig took the boys to the play area while I cleaned and unpacked with an heavy heart and when he got back and asked if I was okay I sat at the kitchen table and cried because I've needed this holiday and I felt like all my expectations had been dashed. I don't normally cry at this kind of thing - I roll my sleeves up & get stuck in and make the best of it, but this one felt like a punch to the stomach because I've looked forward to it so much. Craig said we should leave and head home but then Jack started crying that he wanted to stay and I felt bad.

So here I am. I cleaned the cabin and got to know the lady at the office a bit and she seems nice. Nice but obviously a dirty bugger. When I asked for another fan because it's 85 in the cabin, she gave me a contraption so black and covered in dirt that I had to take the thing apart and bleach it. Then she charged me $3.00 for a special blue trash bag. Maybe I'll ask Cody to leave something "special" behind when we leave. There you are see - got my mojo back!

One bright light - the sunset on the lake tonight was amazingly beautiful and the kids appear to be having a good time. Now if I can just get the doors and windows to lock then I might get a good night's rest.


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