Here we are at Char & Jan's cabin at the weekend. We went Friday night and watched a fabulous sunset then Jan and I stayed up until 2, or maybe even 3am (who knows - it's Island time) talking and drinking. We came up with up a solution for the USA 4 trillion debt recovery problem and immigration and social issues. Unfortunately, by the time we awoke the next morning we had forgotten all about it all and so just ate cheesy eggs and potatoes.

This week has been a busy one. I've been to Toledo and Dayton. Craig has some major things going on at work. I don't know if I mentioned this before but our child care lady is doing us all a favour & also looking after our neighbours kids (2 girls) at the same time as Jack & Danny. So every day I have 4 kids in the house going nuts. They can't go out in the garden for too long because it's been 95 (110 with the heat index) most days. So when I get home from work my boys are wound like two springs and ready to PARTY whereas I'm ready to DIE. Jack follows me about saying - pretend you're a bad man or pretend you're a horse or pretend you're a new momma. And I say "Can I pretend I'm an old woman that needs to go and take nap?

And so we are counting down the days until our holidays. My goal is to spend a week not searching for Americana. We are going to Michigan to a cabin with our boys and Cody and we are just going to have a fab time as a family. I can't wait.


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