Big Day for Jack, Long Day for Me

Today feels like one of those days where you can't believe what you did first thing in the morning happened on the same day because it seems so long ago.

It was Jack's first day at school. He's a kindergartner & took to it like a duck to water. Before he fell asleep tonight he whispered in my ear that the school library has a fish tank with a frog in it and he says his best part of the day was making friends. Bless. When I have a bit more time I'll talk about some of his classmates a bit more, including one kid he use to be with at a babysitter's house years ago. Other parents seem nice and his teacher Mrs C seems too good to be true. I am VERY happy with his school - it's small and has a family atmosphere.

Tonight we had his first soccer practice of the season, so more new friends for him

Maybe his team will win a game this year. Go Penguins!

So I just worked for two hours to get ready for something in Danville, Indiana tomorrow and now I'm off to bed. Tonight was marred by two crappy things that happened. One is my doing and involves me continuing to be a doormat to someone, and the second involves a good friend finding out today that she has cancer.
So now I'm off to Bedfordshire and I hope tomorrow brings good things. I couldn't be prouder of Jack, particularly when he told me that he sat next to a shy kid at lunch. I think he'll like school a lot.


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