There's Changes on the Horizon

It's countdown to school for the boys! Jack starts kindergarten on Wednesday and seems nonplussed by the whole thing but I think it's a front. I told him I would stay with him for a while and he seemed calmed by that. We'll see. I think I have all the paperwork and school supplies ready and I can't wait to meet his teacher, Mrs C. I think at this point I'm more excited than him though.

Daniel starts pre-school mid September so tonight Craig and I sat down and filled out all of his paperwork. When it asked what his interests and activities are, Craig suggested I write "biting and whacking people with sticks". Good grief don't let him get expelled. He's a good boy is our Danny. Very loving, shy and loyal to his family (already!). But God help you if you take his toy away or try and make him do something he doesn't want to do. Like they will in school. Sigh...
The other thing I'm nervous about is that he isn't really potty-trained yet and they'll let a wet pull-up go for a couple of hours but will ring me to come and get him if he has a #2. I wonder how long that will last before it gets really old for them and for me? He's making small baby-steps in the potty training department.

Anyway, less of the me being a nervous ninny about school and more about a fun birthday party Jack went to recently where they had a Captain Jack Sparrow look-alike there to entertain the kids. It was GREAT! Jack totally believed it and when we left he asked me if Captain Jack had sailed his boat down the river in front of the birthday party house. Then he said "I thought he was pretend until I saw his sword and gun and then I knew he was real and I was so frightened but also it was great". He's not the only one. Many of us mums followed Captain Jack about too, mostly in awe of how much he looked like Johnny Depp!

So my next post will probably be on Wednesday. Jack's first day in kindergarten. Sorry to sound like a cliche but really - where did the last 5 years go??


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