Jack's School & My Friend

I said I'd post a bit more about Jack's school, so here goes.

It's a special education elementary school and 50% of the student population are special education students with physical challenges. The rest are neighbourhood kids (like Jack) or picked from a lottery. It's a very good and therefore popular school, so the parents I've met so far from the lottery system seems really happy to be there. Jack's kindergarten class is small. There are two other special ed. kindergarten classes and they all come together for music, art, recess, sharing (show & tell) and any other activity they can. As the Principal told all of us on the first day, integration is sought at every turn and they operate as a family. Sounds great to me! One of the kids in his class used to be at the same child care place as Jack 3 1/2 years ago but I don't think they'll become best buds. Jack is drawn to boisterous and confident people (aren't we all?) so I'm waiting to see who that best friend might be. I hope it's not the son of the woman I sat next to who was as warm and pleasant as a snake. Or maybe a rat. I haven't quite sussed her yet but she was a piece of work and very rude to the teacher.

My gut feeling is that Jack will love his school, love his teacher but hate the "work" and it will be a challenge for me to make it fun. We have done his homework okay this weekend but I think by 5th grade he'll leave me behind in maths. He'll be asking me basic questions and I'll have to feign deafness. If you have any better excuses please do let me know.

There's something else going on today that I want to say. A good friend of mine has surgery tomorrow to remove a tumour. Can you please pray, or send good vibes or just think about her tomorrow? Her name is Michelle and she's a good egg. She a great mum, wife and friend and one of the nicest people I know. Thanks.


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