Last Day: Memorable to say the least!!!

Last day at Camp Bonkers!

Our day started at 3am with Daniel stood inches from my nose crying "snakes" because of a nightmare so I spent 30 minutes trying to get him to bed, and then Craig did, but we finally gave up & got Daniel in bed with me and Craig with Jack. Jack's room was too hot though so poor Craig slept on the couch.

At 9.50am when we all woke (really!) we had two families knocking at our cabin door - the kids and mum that we have made friends with and the Amish mum and her six kids. I was still wearing sleep stuff, hadn't brushed my teeth and had hair like Ken Dodd, but had to host 11 people! Melissa (mum to kids I like) just said "hi" and left two of her boys to play with Jack but the Amish mum walked in and said "Can we hang out? I want to see the cabin" and proceeded to do a tour of the cabin while she tried her best to be polite but failed on many occasions. It was BIZARRE and Craig was cooking breakfast with his spatula in the frying pan and his mouth half open, just blown away by how crazy the Amish lady was. I felt a bit sorry as I think she wanted to come over for a bit of company but I wasn't feeling too hospitable seeing as I hadn't any underwear on.

So anyway. The day just got better from there. While were were swimming this afty, I heard a massive argument going down at the main office and we haven't seen our favourite person, Barb, since. They were all getting ready for the chili cook-off and pig roast tonight so they were all stressed and I didn't like to bother them.

Tonight we went to the chili cook-off and I was a judge! Thank goodness I had Steve, a local chef, to help me because first prize was 1 years rent at the campsite (about $1,100 value!) I think I did okay and really enjoyed doing it. Craig and the boys hung out and did horse and cart rides and then we all ate the pig roast and goat roast. Which brings me to the goat ...

I might have said in a previous post that they had a petting zoo here? Well they had a goat called Butter who was a bit of a character.

That ended up on the grill tonight.
And then in Craig's tummy. Really.

After the devouring of poor Butter, Craig and the kids and I went on a walk-about and met a new group of people outside a camper, very drunk, that dragged us over & who I shall refer to as: a nice, down-trodden woman called Jonnie (who did the dragging), her 5 nice daughters aged 3-16, a tolerable husband wearing a U of M t-shirt, a dim-witted woman drinking whisky who thought she rocked, a skinny man drinking bloody Mary's, a skinnier man drinking mountain Dew & who knows what, and an obnoxious man at the end of the campfire group that pissed me off so much that I'm still have daydreams of meeting him in England one day, taking him into a pub and telling my countrymen what he said. He said something vile but he also made himself look like a right idiot. When he found out I was from England he said "I'm going to start an IRA group here" and when his friend asked why he said "because I'm Scottish". Like I said, idiot. Thank God Craig had gone to get drinks from our cabin because if he'd have heard him say what he said then he'd have probably gone nuts.

On our way back to our cabin I asked a couple of camp ground workers if we'd see Barb before we left in the morning and they said no - she left today. I asked if that was what the skirmish was about - they said yes. Now I know why her daughter came by and got the dvds she had lent to the boys. We called her on the cell phone and our boys said goodbyes and thank you (they really liked her) and I could tell she was crying.

So, we have yet to check-out in the morning. There might be more campground politics, crazy people,or dead goats before then. Who knows! If something happens to us before we check out, please look for a fat guy in a black vest and handle-bar mustache who supports the IRA but is Scottish and, when I last saw him, was driving DUI to the shop for more vodka.

In the meantime, we are going out (me, Craig and Jack) to enjoy our camp fire with the coloured flames (Barb gave us a few packets of wonder dust!). We have had a FABULOUS holiday. The boys had loved it and my only low point is not the cleanliness or the rustic nature or any of that - it's the loss of Barb and that dick tonight that glorified the IRA.

Would I come back? No.


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