Surrounded by Fish

I've had a bit of a dry spell with blogging this past 8 days. Last week was crazy though - it was my first week back after my holiday and our babysitter was on holiday so I had to juggle kids and work and it was our two big field days at work. Then I was stuck to the telly watching the events unfold with the riots in England. I'm not going to offer my opinion on it any more than to say that last time I went home (2008) things seemed really bleak for young people and I'm sure it's got worse with the economy the way it is. I asked Craig why we probably wouldn't see that here since there is extreme poverty here too - and he said "because they have opportunities here".

Anyway, this weekend was good. Relaxing & low-key. Our neighbours had a yard sale and I ended up buying a fish tank for Jack for $5. Then I bought a tank hood, light, gravel, ornaments, plants, water conditioner, food and fish and dropped another $60! The salesman would have sold me a puppy too if I hadn't have had to leave the shop to meet someone. And so - meet goldfish Bert & Ernie and sucker Garrett. Garrett is Jack's fish - named after the friend he met on holiday.

The info label at the fish shop informed me that goldfish get to 12 inches long. Really? That's a humongus goldfish and I'm fairly sure I've never seen one that big. Mind you, most of my goldfish experiences involve fishing dead ones out after a few days and flushing then down the loo.

Talking of fish - this little boy is fearless and will jump into 6-ft. water with no problem. Today we went to visit Debbie & Lynn and they took us to their neighbour's pool and Danny scared me to death. I had to give him a time-out to stop him running to the deepest part of the pool and jumping in. If I can't touch the bottom there's no way he's jumping in there! I don't remember Jack being like this at all as he hated having his head under water until this year.

Jack's swimming is coming along great-guns. His confidence has soared since the holiday at the lake in Michigan and he's diving, snorkling and swimming in deep water with no worries (with floaties of course). I think both of my boys are becoming little fish which I'm glad about, particularly as I'm such a wimp in deep water.
This week it is mine & Craig's 15th wedding anniversary - the crystal anniversary. When I told Craig that he said he'd try and score us both some crystal meth. Smart arse. We have no plans yet but I hope a ring is in the offing because my wedding ring cracked & broke today! It is currently sat on the kitchen cabinet, leaving my finger feeling bare and weird. In my ring's defense, it cost $10 fifteen years ago so it has served me well. The local jeweler offered to repair it for $30 or sell me a white gold version for $999. I think I'll look for another plain silver band thank you very much.


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