Day 5: Fun but Challenging Day

Today was ok. We couldn't go rafting because the river was too fast & full for Danny (ring back tomorrow) so we found a family "fun" center with video arcades that didn't work, teenage attendants that were useless, go-karts that bored Jack and terrified Danny and putt-putt in 90 degree weather. And then the kids started acting up by fighting and yelling. Craig said maybe they should call it the family stress center and I'd have to agree. By the time we left I sat in the car with the AC running full-blast on my face and told the kids to leave me alone for 5 minutes or mummy was going to go ballistic. Actually I went ballistic at them in the "family fun center" which made Craig laugh at me. I guess it is ironic.

Back at the campsite it was ohhhhh, unwind. More swimming & chatting with lovely people. I am also recently friends on facebook with one of the families we met. This campsite is unbelievable friendly! The office manager, Barb, has asked me to judge the chili cook-off with her this weekend. I said yes but have no idea what to do. How does one rate a chili bean?

Another big family arrived with 6 kids that Jack is intent on befriending but Craig told me he couldn't understand why their mum wouldn't interact with him at the lake beach. I met them tonight at the play area and they are Amish - so no wonder she didn't engage Craig too much. The kids seemed nice but the mum was nuts. She might just well be scribbling the same thing about me in her journal. Every time I asked her a polite question she was a tad rude and evasive but then she'd jump in my face and ask the most personal questions about us. And she was wearing Ma Ingalls home-made frock with top of the range North Face Teevas which I know I shouldn't find weird but I did. Anyway, our Jack is intent on making best friends with her kids so I'll have to hang out with her tomorrow for a bit. Maybe I'll scare her off by telling her about my shady past and showing her my tattoos.

*The picture is of me and Jack telling ghost stories tonight around the campfire. I scared myself never mind him. Now where is my mace?


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