Fighting the Sniffles

Last night I started to feel like a cold was on the way and today the weariness and heavy head has started. I am taking zinc supplements and drinking tea with honey and drinking tons of water and hoping I can make it through quick and painless! I don't have time to get a cold right now, much as I'd like to lay in bed for a few days sipping tomato soup and reading (good grief that sounds like heaven doesn't it!)

We've got a lot coming up - school conferences, swimming lessons, Veteran's Day, a trip to Nashville, Thanksgiving, Craig's birthday and then Christmas! Only 47 Days 3 hours, 15 minutes and 48 seconds to go at posting time! Jack has already started to get a little buzz about it and I have too if I'm honest. It's funny how I've gone from somewhat blase to completely fanatical about it now that I have kids. The Target toy catalogue arrived today so I gave Jack a pen and let him go at it - circling the toys on each page that his heart desires. I remember me & my sister doing that as kids and spending hours poring over it. Of course we never got the toys but that's not the point.

But first things first. We've got Jack's first parent-teacher conference this week and I volunteered to make soup for the PTA. I'll be making cream of carrot and orange soup and hoping I don't botch it. As you know, cooking is not my forte!


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