Got the Dreaded Lurgi

It's a quick post today as I have a stinking cold and I feel achey and horrible. As soon as I can, I am going back to bed. Jack also has a hacking cough but Craig and Danny are okay (touch wood). I'm hoping that copious amounts of zinc tablets and Theraflu will get me over it quick.
Because even my eyeballs are aching I have not wanted to wear contacts so have been wearing glasses today which is straaaange. I look like Olive off "On the Buses" (old English sitcom) and it's very disorientating. My line of sight is not used to having just little glass squares to look through so I feel a bit discombobulated.

Two little things from my boys today that have lifted my spirits. Danny was sat at the kitchen window telling me how much he loves "schools" as he pointed to the one next to our house but was mad at me when I kept repeating the word "school". It took a while to find out that he actually meant "squirrels". And Jack told me tonight that he tripped at school and one of his friends said 'You okay bro?" and it made his day. Even when I feel ill, these boys can cheer me up.

Right then, off to Bedfordshire.


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