Lost Some Gnashers

I had two of my wisdom teeth pulled out at 7.30am this morning which actually wasn't too bad. When people knew I was getting them pulled they felt inclined to share their horror story with me so I've heard everything from bleeding mouths, black eyes, swollen faces and even a few days of delirium. It was the same when I was pregnant and people wanted to tell me how awful childbirth was and how they nearly died, which wasn't helpful at all really.

Anyway, I took two days off work which was a bit extreme but I didn't know if I'd look like John Merrick afterwards and anyway, I wanted to take the time so I did. I took it off as vacation in case I wanted to do yard work or anything else that might make me look like a lazy skiver. This is probably hard for someone to imagine in the UK but having vacation time in the USA is quite rare and there are people I work with that pride themselves on never having taken a day off. I'm sure even now there's been mutterings at work about why I possibly needed to take TWO WHOLE DAYS off work when I only had a couple of gnashers pulled.

Not that I've been lazing about eating Hargen Daaz and watching Jerry Springer I may add. Oh no. I've had pre-school runs and runs back to pre-school for diaper changes, then a run to Linda's house and the school pick-up for Jack. I think I had about 2 hours in the middle of all that where I tried to do a spot of housework but just gave up. I did manage to de-Halloween the front of the house and do a spot of work (for actual work) this morning but that's it.

Talking of Jack - he dropped the F Bomb last night! Right in front of me he told Danny to "get in the F'ing bedroom" I nearly choked. I demanded to know where he'd heard that word from and he said "you mom" so I said and who else? (thinking surely there's a scapegoat out there that can get me out of this sticky spot) and he said no one, just you moma. Oops. What's strange it that he repeated it exactly as I would have said it with him in ear shot - not the full word but a sort-of fnkn mutter under the breath. Looks like I'll have to restrict my language in front of old waggy-ears from now on.


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