I'm Losing the Battle of Wills

It's a good job I have a sunny disposition because today has been a beaatch as they say in urban talk. Why so bad you ask?:

1. I have a cold
2. It's rained for the last two days, non-stop
3. I went Christmas shopping this evening for 3 hours and bought virtually nothing
4. Danny had a #2 at pre-school so I had to go and change him again, then he had a melt-down at tidy-up time and his teachers looked a bit fed-up when I picked him up. Then he refused to eat dinner or sit at the table and then he weed on the floor while he was staring at the new fish tank. Lord give me the strength not to throttle him Homer-style. I did investigate sending him to a more relaxed pre-school but they are full. *Sigh*.

So anyway, I'm going to go back to a couple of shops tomorrow night and buy Christmas presents I nearly bought tonight and then wish I'd bought when I got home. Doh!

And it's supposed to stop raining because it's going to snow

And my cunning plan is to take so many zinc tablets that my cold is gone by morning

As for Danny, I don't know. I really felt like I couldn't cope tonight and I need to get my act together. He's two for goodness sake and shouldn't be winning the battle of wills! I have no doubt in my mind that he'll go on in life and be brilliant at whatever he does - but right now he's a little terror.


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