Baby in the House (well sort of)

On Wednesday Linda (babysitter) told me that she picked Jack up from school and he was talking 10-to-the-dozen, and Danny was crying through over-tiredness and when she walked in the door to our house  Coco had pooped everywhere and Ben was jumping up on her. And I said "Yep, that's my life". ha ha ha.  I'm not kidding.

Can you tell I'm ready for weekend?

Tonight our good friends came over. They are pregnant and I'm SO EXCITED for them. I could talk with another mom forever and never get bored. I remember that feeling of being pregnant for the first time. It seems to draaaaaaaag and you get so impatient, especially before you start to feel the baby moving.  But then it all seems to happen so quick. I'm trying really hard not to offer advice  because I didn't like that very much when I was pregnant, but I could tell my friend wanted to talk so it was great. The whole time we talked my boys were acting like complete chimpanzees but our friends have known both boys since the day they were born so they know they're good boys. I hope. God they were pretty of of control.  Oh I cannot wait for their baby to get here. It'll be my surrogate American nephew/niece!

So I'm taking tomorrow PM off work to go and get sod for my DESTROYED lawn. Thanks Coco.

But then hey it's Weekend!!


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