Back on the Wagon (sort of)

Pre-Daniel, Summer 2008
The only thing worse than being the oldest mum when I drop off Daniel at pre-school is being one of the biggest.  Most mums that I meet are stay-at-home ladies that have obviously spent a good portion of their morning glamming it up for the drop-off.  Some are actually a bit too glam, with poofy hair and full make-up. There's one lady that wears thigh-length black leather boots!  Not me. I couldn't wear those if my life depended on it, and anyway I'm so tall I'd look like a drag queen.

Still, it's no fun looking like a farmers wife at drop-off when you are surrounded by these perfumed lovelies. I'm so flustered with kids and dogs on my way to work that I can't even remember if I had time to brush my teeth.  This morning I said to Daniel "let's put your cereal bowl here while we walk Jack to school, to make sure the dogs don't eat it",  then we got back and I had no idea where I'd put it and had to get another bowl for him! I probably put it in one of the cupboards. Hopefully it'll turn up before it attracts mice.

I don't want to look like one of those ladies. I just want to look like I did pre-Daniel in 2008. That's not too long ago is it? In fact I've still got that t-shirt and shorts, buried deep in the "one day soon" drawer. So I'm off wine again, since that is the biggest monkey on my back. Not for good though you understand, just keeping it low-key and on weekends.


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