School Event & a Curry

My day started at 7am and I am worn out!  I helped out at Jack's elementary school craft fair and manned the silent auction and helped take it all down. Couple that with talking non-stop with parents and kids and I feel like I want to just be a big couch potato and not talk for the rest of the evening. That's hard to do with a 6-year old that wants to ask me 5 questions a minute.

As usual, I was blown away by how generous the local community and local friends were in supporting our school. It's a very special place and we have kids that are severely physically disabled and many of the kids come from low income families and everyone just rallies around and gets stuck in. Even my boys came and helped.

Not everyone did though. As I wearily walked into my house at 4pm with my feet aching and Danny whining for a drink, and finding a living room full of scattered trash (thanks Ben), I got a text from a woman from the school that I hang out with sometimes, asking if I wanted to get together tonight. She never lifted a finger to help with any of the event and she's got tons of personal time and money. So I sent back a "no". That's a lot more polite than I wanted to be.

This afternoon, Craig took Jack to see Ghostbusters at a local cinema. They were having a costume party too so he donned his Halloween outfit...

Count Jackula

Tonight we are all exhausted. Looks like it might be a good night to snuggle-up on the couch and watch the first Harry Potter film. Craig's bought a deep fryer so we are having curry and chips. Yum!

Four Tired Friends


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