Cleaning & Jumping Kind of Day

Last night we took the kids on a haunted train ride. It was good fun but a bit tame. I seem to remember that last time there were a few more volunteers scaring the kids by walking outside the trains with lights and stuff. It was raining and cold though, so maybe they didn't want to do it.  Nevertheless, we had a good time with good friends. Danny was a bit scared but he held his dad's hand tightly and was okay.

Superheros and a werewolf ride the train

Today we had a house appraiser come at 9 am to look over the house as part of our effort to re-finance. He was lovely but of course I chattered too much and both Craig and I followed him around. We only found out that he was coming at 6 pm last night and so we stayed up until 1am cleaning and de-cluttering. Then we didn't sleep (with worry) and got up at 8 am to get ready for his visit. So we both had about 4 hours sleep last night. I have no idea how he will rate our house and it's all down to his report. So fingers crossed.

At 10 am we went and got Nerf guns from a shop for the boys because we were invited to birthday party and it was suggested that we bring them. The party was at 1pm and it was a great party for boys - Nerf guns, exploding pop bottles, glow-sticks in a dark basement and cupcakes. There was an outdoor trampoline there and both boys jumped and jumped and jumped. When we left 3 hours later Danny broke his heart and just sobbed "I want to jump on the trampoline!" Then he was fast asleep before I even got to the freeway.  I think Santa might be bringing the boys a trampoline this year because I think it will be a great way to burn off some energy over the winter months and our basement is big enough to hold one.

At 11 am we went to our local community charity place to give food and join-in at their field day. It's a great place - they give food and clothes and services to families in need in our little neighbourhood. They also have a kids club and a senior transport service. It's amazing how kind people are in bad times isn't it? Makes you feel proud of the human race.

Pin the nose on a pumpkin,  after being spun around. Very entertaining!

Blue food dye on cupcakes. Why?

After the birthday party Jack was sick (too much sugar does that to him) so we had a quiet night at home watching Halloween stuff on Netflix. I did a quick run out to a shop to get Jack a Dracula medal and picked up some fun stuff for a Halloween party I'm going to. Zombie plates no less! I have a couple of fun and busy weeks coming up with school stuff and Halloween so I'll keep posting on here.

And November (NABLOPOMO) isn't too far off so I better start thinking about what I might blog about every day!


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