Today's Musings

Questions I have asked myself today:

When there is the entire yard to go at, why does one dog always poop under the swing set and the other poop by the outdoor faucet?

When doing laundry, why do I almost never find anything in Jack's pockets but almost always find stuff in Danny's pockets? I actually washed five buckeyes (conkers) one day this week.

Trying to light a candle in a jar is impossible once it burns about half-way down. Why would they design the jars like that? Unless you have hands the size of an umpalumpa you just can't do it.

How on earth am I going to turn Jack's blond hair black for Halloween? Yes, he has decided that he doesn't want to be a werewolf now (mask is too itchy) and he wants to be the king of all vampires.


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