Getting Ready for Frankenstorm

Today we did the following:

  • All laundry
  • All dishes
  • Vacuumed whole house
  • Filled cars and generator tank with gas (at under $3/gal!)
  • Made sure we have lots of food
  • Made sure we have batteries and candles
All of this is in preparation for "Frankenstorm" - the combination of Hurricane Sandy and a winter storm coming down from Canada that will be here by Halloween. Since we always lose power during high winds we are preparing for it.

I hate that American Electric Power (AEP) still have above-ground power lines, cutting through big trees and winding through old neighbourhoods, and yet they keep raising the cost of electric. Makes me so mad. We were without power for a week after the dorecho in the summer and we still got stiffed by them with charges. That's what happens with monopolies I guess.

So DC and New York and other coastal towns are going to get slammed with rain and hurricane conditions but then it will come inland and by the time it gets here it'll probably result in high winds (no power) and several inches of snow. Ugh. I'm NOT ready for snow!! And it looks like trick or treat might get cancelled on Wednesday.

But really, the focus should be on the coast. Let's hope everyone over there gets through it ok.


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