A New Mantra

Today was somewhat of a roller-coaster day.

My dear friend lost her cat Sanders which was a heartbreaking bit of news. She had had him for 16 years, through all kinds of life's ups and downs. So I feel bad for my friend but of course it also made me think of the grief I felt when we lost Frank. Our cat Tutz was loved too, but Frank was my boy.  Losing a pet is like losing a family member.

To cheer me up we got an unexpected check in the post from our old mortgage company that was quite big. I was able to pay my car off, so that feels good. No more car payments! Almost immediately my car started playing up and I think the transmission is on it's way out. Murphy's Law at it's best.

I took Jack to a martial arts class to try it out. He wants the outfit and the nunchucks. I can talk all day about him learning about discipline and stamina and fitness but let's be honest. It's Jack-the-lad here. He wants the outfit and the nunchucks. The place I took him to is run by a friend and its awesome but it's too far away, so now I'm going to have to search for something closer. Hopefully an instructor that's as good as the one we went to tonight.

It's still snowing. Lots of snow on the ground and I'm fed-up with it. Go away snow. Had enough now thank you very much.

Craig and I are on a healthy living quest. No more wine or crappy food. No more slouching in front of the telly at night. This is driven by emails I got from my family telling me they were worried about me. I am not going to argue about the fact that I have not been taking care of myself because I really haven't. I barely get time to shave my legs and I'm in desperate need of new underwear. And I've had no sleep or exercise in weeks. So a new mantra - I must take care of me.


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