Danny's 4 Yr Well & Tang Soo Do

The Young One is Ready
Lots of goings-on in this house the last 24 hrs.

We did the first "Play" with the boys last night. We put on "Goldie locks and the 3 Bears" for our living room audience (Craig). The boys loved it and are already planning more plays this weekend. I did that kind of stuff all the time as a kid and even charged people to watch. I particularly remember me and my cousin Julie putting on a singing show and charging everyone 50p to get into my Nana's garden to watch.

 This afternoon was Danny's 4-year well visit. He's doing so great and of course is a tall boy (44 lbs so 95th for weight, and 44.5 inches tall, so 99th for height). He was a bit hyper during the visit and tried a few Karate moves on his doctor which she found funny. She seemed very happy with him and she put some of my concerns to bed. A good visit all round then.

 Talking of Karate, Jack started his Tang Soo Do classes tonight and loved it. It's a long term commitment which means me and Craig have to be willing to pony up the $ and be his chauffeur for the next few years but I think it will do wonders for our Jack's confidence.  Look how focused he is, bless him.

Tonight Craig made fish, chips and mushy peas and when the kids are in bed we are going to watch Skyfall. A good old English evening lined up if I can stay awake that long......


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