New Car for 2013!

I need a new car. The minivan's gear box (transmission) is on it's way out so I'd rather trade it in now than wait till it goes. I know it's going because it keeps revving like mad but not changing up gears. I remember the day I bought it and it has served me well. But I'm ready to move on and I owe nothing on it.

I bought it in 2010 thinking my VW Golf TDI wouldn't be kid friendly. UGH!! Why did I sell my Golf?  That was not just a great car but a car that I loved. It made me smile every morning.  I don't have many regrets in life but that is one. Should have kept that car!!

So what am I going to buy now?

Well I'd like this:

1966 Mustang. Love. 
But that's not quite practical with 2 kids and 2 dogs is it.

So something semi-small, good mpg, cool. Definitely not a Euro box or other generic looking car. Something that makes me smile when I drive it but it's okay if it gets filled with food and rubbish and kicked with muddy soccer shoes.

I love shopping for anything, but cars are particularly exciting. Wish me happy shopping & good luck! :)


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