Romance, Babies & Bricks

I meant to post yesterday, on Valentine's Day, to say what a great day we had but I was just too done-in last night. We went to see Silver Linings Playbook at our local cinema that sells pizza and beer. It was a great film. It was one of my favourite love stories of all time and the chemistry between Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper was perfect. I was rather hoping they got together in real life but he's about 20 years older than her and he had made some comment about being old enough to be her dad. Fair play to him. Craig bought me a lovely Celtic necklace and I got him a Walking Dead t-shirt. So a successful day. The boys of course both came home from school loaded with cards, tattoos, candy, and pencils. I'm waiting for them to lose interest then I can chuck it all out.

Today we had some fabulous news. Our friends Matt & Gina had a baby girl, Josephine, this morning. Mum & baby are doing great and we are going to see them tomorrow so I'll snap a picture then.

Tonight Jack went to his Tang soo do class. He's doing so well! Craig took a little video of him sparring with an older boy. You have to admire his courage, doing this in front of about 40 other kids...

This weekend we have plans to see friends, go to a birthday party, jog (yes really), and go dig up and collect bricks from a path 3ft x 29ft. Not looking forward to that task but we will end up with hundreds of free bricks for our courtyard garden project!


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