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Jack & Josephine
I can't believe I haven't said anything on here since last Friday! Let's see, we had friends over for dinner, then went to meet another friend's new baby and were completely smitten at first glance. Then I walked/ran 4.2 miles and nearly killed myself, followed by a kid's birthday party that just about finished me off.

This week so far I have put on a seminar for 70 people that finished tonight and I am on my chin-strap, as they say. Soldiers say that don't they? Somebody does anyway.

The kids are doing great. Jack is still enjoying Tang soo do and Daniel had a little treat when his cousin Nat sent him a gift certificate for Amazon and he got to pick his own toys. He was eagerly awaiting the post, which came today, and he bounced up and down with joy when he got to open the parcel. Nice one Nat. :)

Our tax rebate came - yay! Which means I can now start planning our summer vacation and paying off some bills and joining a local pool again. Can't wait to get back to the pool. GO AWAY SNOW!

I've been dealing with some issues at Jack's school. Nothing to be too alarmed at but it resulted in me having to get his teacher and Principal involved. Let's just say there's a little ruffian that thinks it's fun to hurt my kid (and other kids). His parents were apparently at the school twice already last week before I even called about our issue. Makes you wonder what kind of parents he has if he's doing this at age SIX. I think it's resolved now but it's been a tough week for us. Let's also hope Jack's martial arts helps his confidence a bit. Master K says he could be a black belt in 3 years so no doubt Jack is daydreaming about the time when he gets picked on and he can stop it dead in it's tracks.  I know I am. In the meantime I'll be watching this other kid like a hawk and I know that the Principal has it all on her radar. She's had a lot to deal with in the last week as one of the Kindergarten kids died and she went to her funeral. I didn't know that when I contacted her by the way, and it's so sad to even consider how her parents must be feeling.

Tomorrow life goes back to semi-normal. There's no big events lined up or major deadlines at work. It's going to be SO NICE to get caught up on stuff and not feel so stressed. And I'm going to try and walk-run a few times a week because I felt so good about myself when I did it at the weekend. Even though I couldn't walk afterwards!


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