Getting Outside

I love this picture that Craig took today. It was finally nice enough to take the dogs out to the park for a big walk and for the kids to play outside for an hour without getting frostbite.

I made them leave the house after Jack played for 4 hours this morning on his video games (yes I am a terrible parent).

Now we are all zonked out in the front room exhausted. Hopefully we can get the boys to bed at a decent hour so we can watch The Walking Dead. I'm so excited that it's back on. I have become quite the telly addict recently, getting into shows like ...
Game of Thrones
Breaking Bad
Shameless (USA version)
Downton Abbey
Call the Midwife
When the spring and summer rolls around we have some major gardening projects planned though, so I'm getting my telly fix in now while I can.


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