A Good Ending

Today started a bit crap. I had to bow out of my Sunday morning walk again because of my foot and I didn't get a response from my walking buddy so I hope she understands. I love walking and I really enjoy her company but my foot is just not better yet.

Then I cleaned for FIVE HOURS. I ignored phone calls, electronics, and even my children and actually the world in general. I cleaned like someone who hasn't cleaned properly in weeks (that's me) and works full-time (that's me) and hates cleaning (that's me).  By 4pm I was red, sweaty, covered in nasty stuff from cleaning out the hoover bag and had a spiteful headache.

So anyway, I took some pain pills, had a shower and got ready to host my dear friend Maureen and her daughter Erin who's visiting from Seattle. We had such a great time. Craig had cooked the most wonderful smoked pork and ribs in the smoker and it was a gorgeous night to sit outside. They set off for Tennessee tomorrow for a mother-daughter road trip.

Maureen & Erin


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