The Highly Sensitive Child

Those of you that read this blog know that since my youngest was born he's had a unique personality. Over the years, actually, he's been a happy kid, comfortable with himself. It's me that's been going nuts about it all.  I know that its not autism or aspergers or anything on that spectrum because I work with a man who's kids have autism and we once spent the summer with an aspergers kid. It's not OCD or ADD either. I know because I analyse stuff to death so I've been reading and investigating and trying to figure it out this whole time. My postings over the years have documented rantings and ravings from both him and me!

In desperation I booked him in to be evaluated by the school district this summer but it didn't sit well with me or Craig, for a couple of reasons. First of all, we felt that they wouldn't find anything helpful because his personality is so intricate, and also there's no way on earth he would cooperate with them. And we also didn't want something going on his record and following him for the rest of his life. Call me paranoid but I think that happens.

Anyway, last week I posted about our trip to Fort Rapids where he put his hands over his ears and cried at the noise. Then on Monday a friend came to see me at work (who reads my blog) and she told me that she had read that part of the posting and instantly recognised what it was about Danny! She told me to get a book called  "The Highly Sensitive Child", which I did.

I'm only about 1/3 through the book but at the risk of sounding really cheesy and fake I have to say that a light switch has been TURNED ON! I'm serious. This book has completely hit the nail on the head. After I return it to the library I will buy it because it will help us not just while he's a kid but right into the teenage years.

My first learning from this book? His personality is normal. In fact, 15-20% of kids are the same. AND he will grow to be one of the good ones - he will care about people and animals.    I will post a lot more about it when I've read the full book because I have a lot to say about this but I want to be clear what I write.


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