Monday, April 01, 2013

Easter & April Fools

Yesterday was Easter but also an extension of my birthday weekend. We did the Easter basket thing with the boys but we didn't go to church. We don't go to church but we live a good life and we are bringing our boys up with values. Enough said I think.

They got soooo much chocolate from England that we just gave them little gifts like bubbles and playdoh. In no time at all the playdoh was out and smeared all over my front room. Little balls of it squished into my cream carpet. No one to blame but myself hey.

After speaking to family in England we took the boys to the zoo. It was tremendous. Not a soul was there! Other than a few stragglers we felt like we had the whole place to ourselves. We fed the stingrays and visited with the gorillas and hung out with the kangaroos. It was great.

Then last night of course it was a telly extravaganza! Call the Midwife, Game of Thrones and the last episode of The Walking Dead. We got the boys in our room watching cartoons and we sat glued for 3 hours. Every time one of the boys came out to ask for food/water/toys/trouble we threatened them with loss of Easter chocolate, shook our fists at them and did the scary parent stare. Seemed to work anyway.

This morning:  OH. MY. GOD. I think it was one of the worst times I've ever had on a Monday morning. This is what happened:

  • I woke up late to a message from my sister saying my mum was in hospital. Rang my step-dad Tom then rang my sister Jenny back. Thank God my mum is ok and back home now.
  • The kitchen was a disaster - full dishwasher, full sink of pots, crap everywhere. The kind of thing that gives you high blood pressure. 
  • Dog Ben had pooped in the living room & had diarrhea everywhere. It has not stopped yet. 
  • I realised I had no bread to make sandwiches for kid's lunches, so sent them to their babysitter with a can of ravioli each and a brown banana. Not a proud parenting moment at all.
  • Ben jumped the fence and ran. Thankfully he came back.
  • Coco refused to come back in the house until I ran around the back garden screaming like a banshee and cursing like a sailor. I will not be surprised if I  have been uninvited from the neighbours party this weekend. 
  • Had to wrestle Jack's bike into the back of my new car.

Finally....... I sat in the drivers seat of my car, sweating, heart about to have a stroke and Jack said in a whiny voice "The iPad is not chaaaaaarged". Well you can imagine my reaction. Actually you probably can't so I'll describe it:  I swore a lot and I shouted a lot. Both boys sat in stunned silence for the duration of the trip to Linda's. I feel so bad that they bore the brunt of the terrible time I'd had but they need to be more thoughtful and not ask me about mundane nonsense when they can see how manic I am in the mornings. I don't think it's a bad lesson to learn. Probably should have curbed my swearing a bit though!

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