Ending on a Good Note

What a crazy week of news.

The Boston bombs, the Texas explosion, the senate squashing background checks on guns and a local teacher in my neighbourhood got fired after 19 years of teaching because the diocese got a complaint about her being gay. It seemed like it was bad news after bad news. Such negativity that it really made me feel bad.
It was particularly harrowing to see those graphic pictures from Boston of victims with limbs blown off and then to see this picture. The victim and the perpetrator and the bomb, all in the same shot. It is such a heartbreaking picture and I wish I could reach in to it and grab that little boy to safety. My heart aches for him and his parents.

But tonight they caught the second bomber. They just announced it and it feels a bit better that he's caught because maybe we'll get some answers now. I've also seen pictures today of victims in hospital that are okay and healing and getting visits by film stars like Bradley Cooper. They are healing I hope.

And tomorrow we have soccer and two birthday parties and I have to make a coconut shy. Don't ask.


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