Super Weekend

I wish weekends were longer. On Friday nights I feel like this whole expanse of time stretches before me and then now I sit, wondering where all the time went.
It was a weekend of soccer games, parkour, tang soo do, gardening, housework, and all the usual stuff.
Jack's first soccer game of the season
The weekend did bring 4 new experiences for me however.

On Saturday night we drove out of town to a state park to see if we could see the Northern Lights because they were supposed to be visible in Ohio. No such luck! We did go with my friend Michelle and her two kids though and had a terrific time. We caught up with each other (haven't seen each other in a while) and then we all told ghost stories. The kid's ghost stories were so terrible and so long that you couldn't help but love them. So it was a good night, even if we didn't get to see Aurora borealis.

We started watching "Sons of Anarchy" and are nearly at the end of season 2 (there's 5 seasons so far). It took me a while but now I'm really into it.  But now Craig wants a Harley!

Then this morning at 10am I took Daniel to his pre-school friend Asher's house for a play date. This was Daniel's first play date on his own without Jack. Just him and his friend in a new house with new parents he doesn't know.  He made me promise to stay with him which of course I did, and then he just flourished. He and Asher get on so well. Asher is 3 and I expected them to play next to each other but they actually interacted with each other and told us all at least twice "we are the best friends ever in the whole high world!" Very cute. I really liked Asher's parents too. so I'll be hosting the next one.

Lastly, tonight several families on my street met and had a picnic at our local park. We took food and sidewalk chalk and games for the kids and we all snook beer and wine in cups (how naughty!) The kids all played and all the adults sat and had a laugh. It was fantastic. I love the fact that my kids are old enough now that I don't have to be one step behind them all the time and watching their every move. And I love my neighbours. I now have 3 families within a stones throw of my house with kids the same age as mine. I feel very lucky right now.

Reasons to love our neighbourhood (taken by Erika)


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