Spring Break

It's "Spring Break" in the USA this week - Easter week in England? I know I always had the week after Easter off school but I can't remember what it was called. I'm getting senile.

Craig and I took Wednesday off work to take the boys to a local indoor water park. I had a groupon so of course had a little hassle at the door (why is that always the case?) but then we had a good time. I wouldn't go again though. Danny hated the noise of people screaming and water rushing. At one point he covered his ears and cried.  And there was no pool so no actual swimming - just play stuff and slides -  so Jack wasn't happy as he wanted to swim and dive.

And somebody stole our chair. The bastards. We searched and found 4 cheap black plastic chairs that were not being used and we set them all together with a little table and we covered them in towels and bags etc.  Like you do at these places. You all respect each other's space right? Especially if you have claimed your space with towels and bags. So we go back to our chairs for lunch and one chair is missing. I look around and I see it. Everyone around us has the normal posh brown sun lounger chairs except one family, with 6 kids, that has one cheap black chair. I glare at the dad who takes no notice, then I sat for 5 minutes and ranted to Craig. He was the calm one - what does it matter he said? Really?  I said, "I want to knock that thieving no manners bastard's teeth out"  Of course I didn't.  But it's still bothering me. People with no manners bother me to death.  And the locker rooms were foul and stinky. I'm sure the kids loved it at the place but I'm too fussy now for filthy stuff. So it's a 2 out of 5 stars then for Fort Rapids. Friends have told me that Kalahari is a 5.

I was at work again today but tomorrow I'm off  with the lads. I can't wait. It's more my style - a low key day that will end in messing about at a local park and in our garden trampolining. But I am going to take both boys with me in the morning to a tattoo parlour. More on that later I guess!


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