It's a Good Friday

What a great day.
I was productive at work.
I ate good things.
I got a letter and hand-drawn picture from Jack that greeted me when I got home and made me cry.

Jack got a certificate from school that he's reading at level. That's huge.
I got hugs and kisses from Danny who has also been writing like a champion today (thank you Linda!)
Craig is in "Mother's Day" mode and is looking for ways to relieve me from crappy chores.
I had a great hour doing some fun, rude and sometimes downright wrong texting with my Brit friend Maureen and my neighbor friend Erika.
I got to snuggle with Craig and watch Sons of Anarchy (our new favourite).
I got to play with the boys and the dogs on my bed for a while. It was fun but got rambunctious quickly and this old lady called it quits!
I have wine.
I have good company with my husband.
Coco hasn't peed on me today.
It's all good!


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