The Tragedy in Oklahoma

It was so hot today!  Close to 90 I think and so humid that my hair has been a frizzy disaster all day. Storms are forecast for the next few days as that system comes up from Oklahoma. Tonight the boys just played and played in the sprinkler and with the hose. I keep trying to tell myself not to think about the water bill and concentrate on the fun. I'm so lucky to have these lads.

I'm also so thankful that we are all healthy and happy (bar Craig's cold) and that we are not going through what those poor people in Oklahoma are going through. The news keep mentioning a man who is sat on a stool outside the elementary school, weeping and waiting to see if they find his 3rd grade son. I can't get that out of my head, the image of him, and I have this aching heart for him. A friend of mine described this feeling perfectly today on her blog. She said:

"A note to pregnant women: After that baby is born, when something tragic happens to other people's children, you're heart will break 1000 times harder than it has ever broken. You think you feel bad now for tragedy, but you have no clue how your heart will ache. Sorry."

That's so true isn't it. I hope they find his son I really do. And it's another wake up call for us all to say "I love you" and treat each other with kindness a little bit more.


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