Memorial Weekend 2013

How can 3 days go by so quick? It's just ridiculous!

We hosted a cook-out and went to two others, we had a play date at the swimming pool which was bloody freezing, we did lots of yard work and housework, Jack had Tang soo do, and we got tadpoles!  I also did something else but don't want to address it right now.  Craig got 50 miles on his Harley and I insulted a neighbour. I asked if it was his mum helping him do yard work and he said no, that was my girlfriend. Kill me now people.

So anyway here's a few pictures from our weekend:

Taken by my neighbour Erika at her cook-out last night. I love this picture. 
Tadpole gazing. We will try to raise and then release them. Wonky picture again, sorry. 
His favourite part of the busy weekend? Swimming with his dad. LOVE this boy.
Jack sparring at Tang Soo Do (he's the small one). He goes for his orange belt next week. 

Jack and his school friend read a poem in class called "Contentment" last Friday. 
You probably can't make it out, but you get the gist. 


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