1st Grade Ceremony, Zoo & Pool

This morning was Jack's end of 1st grade ceremony. He won a "Citizenship" award for being a good school citizen. When the Principal described the 3 awards (academic, effort and citizenship) I knew immediately which one he would get. He's too young and not enamoured enough with school work to get academic, and if you had to choose between an award for effort and the other, those of you that know Jack would say he would get the other. As if to reiterate the fact, he was the only kid in his class this morning to take food for the feed a friend program. I'm very proud of him, I really am.

Jack gets his Citizenship award from the Principal

With his wonderful 1st grade teacher. We will miss her. 
As a treat afterwards I signed him out (he still officially has classes until tomorrow) and I took both boys to the zoo. We were there for 3 hours in 90 degree heat. It was great but exhausting! We went to the new Dinosaur Land and saw lots of animals. At Dinosaur Land they have a gentle river boat ride that winds through the zoo and you see dinosaurs and some monkeys. Some of the dinosaurs squirt water at you. It's a funny thing. Daniel hated it. When we got off he looked at me earnestly and said "Mommy, promise me you will never take me on that again!" I tried not to laugh and promised him that I wouldn't. Bless him. Jack wanted to see the elephants and go in the gift shop and got both of his wishes granted since it was a special day.

Tiger watching

Happy Boy
After the zoo we met Craig and went to our pool. It was fabulous. The water was a tad cold but the air was so hot that it was nice. Two things marred the visit. First, a child about 6 years old was trying to bully Danny (I gave him the evil eye and he went away). The little brat got warned by the life guard 3 times for picking fights but he was just horrid. His mum was miles away, yacking with her friend and completely ignoring him. Then, Daniel got out the pool, opened his legs and peed on the concrete floor next to where a family was sitting! I was mortified. He couldn't hold it apparently, so we had a little conversation about going to the loo before it gets to the "can't hold it" stage. Thankfully no one saw it so we dodged that bullet.

Tomorrow is Jack's last day at school and then we have dinner and overnight guests ( we have a babysitter, we have a babysitter - hurrah!!!). Why? Well because our friends Char and Jan are in town! Yay! I can't wait to see them. I just hope my liver will survive.


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