Knitting Needles Downstairs

Today was  long and emotional. I was running from 7am to 9pm. Here's what happened:

I did the school stuff as usual: Daniel taken to pre-school and Jack to regular school and then I took 80 planted marigolds with "Thanks for helping me grow" stickers on them for the teachers at Jack's school (it's teacher appreciation week and that was my PTA task). Friends (fellow parents) helped, which was ace.

My Brit friend has a son with possible testicular cancer (we'll found out Wednesday) and she has now possibly wrecked the ligament in her knee. So I helped her and we cried a lot.

I had a cervical biopsy (don't panic - just precautionary right now) and it hurt like hell.  My doc said "It might hurt a bit and be crampy but it will be brief"

I will translate that into what it actually felt like ...

"It will hurt a lot and feel like your uterus is being stuck with hot needles and it will be ten long minutes"

Seriously, I have never felt pain like it. I consider myself a "trooper" and have always been that way. But today I nearly passed out with the pain and I shouted out several times.  I was so English it was ridiculous! Instead of shouting "Holy shit Doc this F'ing hurts!" like a confident American might, I shouted "Oh good grief this hurts Dr. A!" and "Is it over yet?" which I asked at least 3 times.

Anyway I shouted very loud at the doctors office and I am very thankful there were no people sat in the waiting room. My family and friends in England will think I'm a wimp (sorry, but it bloody hurt) but it's done and I'll get the results soon.


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