Weekly Wrap-up in May

I can't believe it's been 9 days since my last post. Every day I've thought "That will make a great post", or "I must post about this" and I just never got the chance. Anyway, I'm going to try and play catch-up by just giving a quick line about each event this week. Each thing that I can remember that is. 50% flies though the cracks these days!

First off, my cervical biopsy results are negative (phew) but she wants me to go in for an ultrasound in a weeks time, just to get the whole picture. The boys are doing great & healthy (no illness since Thanksgiving last year!)  but Craig has a really bad cold and I feel something coming on. Ugh!

Mother's Day last Sunday was great and very low key. Then I had two events at Jack's school: a music show and then their annual yard sale.  It was Daniel's last day at school on Thursday for the summer but he missed it as his knee was messed up. It popped out of the socket or something because he was in agony with it, then perfectly fine about 5 hours after.

Coco came within a hair's breath of going back to the pound and I may yet find her a new home. I actually did look at the web page at the pound. That's how close I got this week. The daily peeing and pooing in the house is just too much. She pees on our bed weekly. Pees in the house daily. She was outside ALL DAY once this week then came in and pooped in the office. Anyone who tells me that I must persevere and do all I can because she's a cute dog is more than welcome to have her for a week and try to train her. Anyway, There may come a time when I just stop talking about her, at which point you will know she is gone. Like my love seat that's currently sat outside on the curb awaiting bulk pick-up tomorrow because she's peed all over it and ruined it.

Ben (and Coco to a degree) has a bad ear infection. Which means more vet bills. And the dishwasher has died. So I guess I'll be doing vet visits this week and buying a new washer.

My garden is looking fabulous! All the annuals are in, veggies planted, fence up and things are looking good! I am sun burnt to hell and exhausted but it's worth it.

I had two play dates this week for Daniel! His best friend Asher has met us at the park and I really like his mom. She told me tonight that Jack is very mature for his age (she knows as she has a 7 yr old nephew so that's good enough for me!) and very social. Yes he is. And I have to remember that he's extraordinary in that way and stop comparing Danny to him. Because Danny's extraordinary in other ways. For example, he notices things that Jack blows by.

That's all I have right now so I'm off to bed. Here's a few pics from this week (sorry that a couple of them look blurry and weird)


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