Just a Quickie

Just a quickie today as this weekend is turning out to be FULL.

I did the Black Friday sales yesterday and managed to get everything I wanted without having to fight anybody or mow someone down with my trolley.

Last night we had 10 friends come over and my friend Julie, who's a medium, did readings for people. It was awesome but we partied from 4pm to 1.30am, so today I want to die. More on what she told me about my future later.....

Today I took the boys to see "Frozen" at the pictures where it cost $50 for 3 tickets and popcorn. Daylight robbery! Then I took them to our neighbour's house for a football party. The Buckeyes won at 42-41 and I nearly had a stroke at the end. But they WON! Yeehaw.

Tonight we are taking Craig bowling. He's on his way home from a hunting trip (no luck yet) then we are going back to a great little place we found. It's a dive but we like little divey places.

More later then. Sorry for the lack of pictures or anything remotely interesting!


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