Daniel's Kindergarten Year

Daniel graduated from kindergarten this week and it was very cute. He's had a fantastic year and his confidence has just bloomed, thanks in part to his teacher who is a kind soul. He's also a brainy kid, getting top grades throughout the year and making sure his clip was on "super excellent" all the time. He's very particular about those kinds of things. I'm so happy for him, that he's having a great time at school.

Here's a few pictures...
With his tall, beautiful, kind teacher

Loves tether ball!

His artwork

Taken by my friend Erika

Last day of school!
They both took their teachers gift cards, flowers & Daniel insisted on taking his teacher a bag of strawberries.

With his friend, who will also be his pool buddy this summer.

He checked out EVERY copy of Fly Guy. Not kidding. 


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