Tomorrow my cousin Kay's cat, Slinky, will arrive here from Mexico. Kay is leaving Tulum & going home to London for a visit then headed to the Philippines. She put him on a plane and he flew from Cancun to Atlanta,  then from there to here. They don't fly pets at night as the tarmac and plane hold is too hot.  But they won't sedate him along the way (don't know why), or clean him and will only offer food and water. So I know this poor boy will be smelly and starving & crazy scared when I get him tomorrow but I'm glad he's coming to me because she'll get to see him again. And I'll love him.

Tonight we got a letter from Kay about her cat, who she loves dearly. Her heart is breaking but she's glad he's coming to us.....

Hi Jack, Hi Danny here is some information about Slinky for you so that you're ready for him. Slinky's birthday is 1st December, this is the day that I found him - he ran out in front of my car, I nearly ran him over. He was only 4 weeks old and had been thrown in the rubbish bin, he managed to climb out and he was so tiny he sat in the palm of my hand all covered in poop and fleas, a little bag of bones, shivering and squeaking - HA, you would never think it to look at him now!!!! He'll be three in December, remember he is a teenager and so he play fights alot, he never scratches but he does like to playbite - which does hurt sometimes, but he's absolutely not aggressive, just playful... he's a very loyal cat and loves to be around people. He hates to be picked up but loves to be handled if that makes sense. I used to pick him up and squish him up just to annoy him hehehehe You might find that he'll jump on the kitchen counters, it's because that's where the window was in my apartment for him to get in and out, he'll learn fast that he can't do that now but do be warned DON'T leave food lying around - he's an opportunist thief and if you're not guarding your plate it's fair game!!! He loves to hunt, and he's very good at it so be ready for the little gifts that he'll bring back for you - he especially likes lizards!!!! He loves to sleep on beds, I guess he'll choose which one he likes best eventually, and which one Bart will allow him to have, he also likes to be high up looking down on everything - I think he has some delusions of grandeur!!! Get him a little laser pen from the dollar store and he'll chase it around all day, he loves it. He is completely lactose intolerant and will make a BIG mess if he has anything with milk in it, especially yoghurt!!!! I hope you enjoy him just as much as I have, Jack, I know he's going to love you and Danny very much. His name is Slinky because he's very long and when he moves he reminds me of the slinky toys in the 1970s that used to slink down the stairs... ask your mum ;) Love you Jack, and you Danny, sending big hugs to you both. xxx


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