Jack's 3rd Grade Year

Jack's grown up so much this year and he looks, well, like a young man!! Suddenly, out of nowhere, he looks so much more mature.  He's doing more with his scout troop and picked up more chores at home. He's making new friends and has tried hard at school to meet all expectations. He also won't let me cuddle him in public anymore and gets embarrassed by things. Just this morning we laughed at him for putting his best shirt on when he spied the new pretty neighbor girl. He's such a great kid.
Having him sit down to read or write is still a challenge for me, since he doesn't enjoy it naturally, but he really is trying and letting him pick his own books is working. He really enjoys me reading to him still, but that's okay too.

My other struggle this year was the low-grade bullying that continues. Same kid since kindergarten had picked on Jack and the principal won't do anything about it. Her lack of action has been my year's biggest disappointment. At a school event last week the kid kicked Jack right in front of Craig, who dealt with him. The kid's parents weren't there as usual, had just dropped him off on his own. Once again there was no help from the principal, who told us it happened after school hours and well, you know there's only 3 days left in the school year so let's just let it go. What she doesn't know is that I'm not someone who gives in to bullies and she'll find out that I'm going to be the biggest thorn in her side this coming school year if it doesn't stop.

But enough of the negative stuff, because really this year has been great for Jack. He's becoming such a wonderful young man. And he's got tons of friends and family who adore him, so he doesn't let the bully get to him too much. I'm very proud of him.

Working at the cemetery, Memorial Weekend.
The scouts place flags and say a "thank you" at each veteran grave site

3rd grade party

With his good friend David

His artwork. He loves art & science, just like his mum. 

Drive in movie with his friend Mario

Still my boy, even if he won't let me kiss him in public

Makes friends wherever he goes, bless him

With his teacher. He got a "leadership" award.

No caption needed, ha!

The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree


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