Mother's Day, Amish Auction & Stuff

I haven't been on here for 2 weeks and I've missed it. But every time I try to get on I'm doing kid stuff, or working, or housework, or drinking & having fun.

I haven't lost any weight the last 2 weeks (see comment above to explain why) but I have signed in each week at Weight Watchers. It keeps me motivated.

Here's some pictures and captions from the last 2 weeks. Sorry to my family in England that I don't have more stories to accompany them.

Cook out with Friends at their house. My kids loved their playhouse. Look closely - you'll see Daniel mid-flight

Impressing the girls

Neighbours & good friends

Pool open in 2 weeks. I'm counting down!

At the splash pad he got his HUGE splitter out. It looks small to you but ohhhhh good grief this boy screamed every time I got my tweezers out


Porch rails painted - more to come. Craig worked hard at this in 90 degree weather,  bless him

Went to this Amish farm to buy plants - was great 

Amish auction with Maureen. We had such  good laugh. We are useless at bidding. 

Amish farm

Mothers Day  - I had a 3 hour bar trip with my neighbor & good friend Erika

Mother's Day - 2 T-Rex albums and loads of lovely letters and cards from these two. 


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