Weight Loss Update

I have lost two stone! woohoo! I want to lose at least another 2 before I go to England in 13 weeks time. That's doable, right?

I'm still wearing the same jeans, which is beyond weird, although I have got into some capris and other pants that I couldn't previously pull above my thighs. And I still have a jelly-belly and bingo wings. But I can see my ankles now and wearing Hunter wellies in the future is a possibility. Maybe these big ol' calves will squeeze into Hunters after all!

I bought myself a new swimming costume last weekend which still disguises a lot of lumps and isn't exactly "hot" but at least it's got a modern design. That's one of the horrible things about being fat - even the trendy shops still carry the most God-awful clothes. Go to any "plus" section and all you'll find is Winnie the Pooh sweatshirts and elasticated pants. And WHY is every tshirt cap sleeved? or worse, no sleeves at all? Since when did large ladies not like covering up with their wobbly arms? Yes, the people who design plus clothing have no clue.

But those days are behind me. I swear I'm not going back to that. Each bag of clothes that gets dropped at the charity shop gives me such a boost.


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