Moggy Update

Getting Slinky was a bit more involved than I thought, but then I suppose bringing a live animal into the country is no small thing. Maureen and Jack came with me to the Delta cargo office where they promptly gave me a load of paperwork and sent us 20 miles away to the customs office, where I had to answer questions and they checked his (very cute) cat passport. After about an hour of that we drove the 20 miles back to Delta cargo to go and get him.

During this whole process I got really sick - some kind of horrendous stomach bug that floored me. At one point I pulled over to the side of the road thinking I was going to be sick and then I laid in the back of the car holding my tummy and groaning like I was dying. Jack got to ride in the passenger seat, which he loved. Even wore my aviators and helped navigate Maureen while she drove. He really was a little trooper. Of course now he wants to ride in the front all the time but that's for another day, another story.

When we got back to Delta they told us they'd been playing with Slinky and that he was a great cat. He was buried under a blanket but we did get to see this..

As soon as we got him set up in my bedroom he came out and found his sea legs. He's a GREAT cat, loves people, & very nice. We are all in love with him already. We kept him in our bedroom for 24 hours & got no sleep,  mostly because my anxiety-ridden dog laid outside the door crying to get in the whole time. The poor moggy is depressed though I think - missing Kay and overwhelmed by the journey. I've been sending her pictures and videos as she misses him a lot too.
He's slept a lot...

Last night we introduced all 3 to each other and we've had the door open since. No one has died, or even been particularly rude to each other. But since Bart & Slinks are two dominant males we'll have to see what happens over the next few days.

So far, all is well in the madhouse!


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