Vacation: Day 1

I took a week off!

English people will think that's ok. American people will shake their heads in wonder and tell you they never do that. I don't care. Actually I'm caring less and less about "rules"  these days - gotta love your 40's!

So I'm off all week, with my boys. Went to the pool with my friend Lyn and her grandkids. We were there for 4 hours.

We played a lot: "What time is it Mr. Wolf", tag, races, and Jaws.

Unfortunately, I told a few teenagers off for being awful ( I do not want to be a helicopter mum but Jesus - some kids are dicks!)  I had to talk to a mum at one point. I tried really hard to hang back and let my kids deal with stuff, but a 9 yr old (Jack) versus  a 16 year old trying to steal his money crosses a line.  He denied it at first but his friends ratted on him, right in front of me and his mum.  She was mortified (as I would have been) and said to me "I'm sorry, he's leaving ".  I saw him 15 minutes later. SIGH.

But hey,

My kids loved it and I played with them for a solid two hours! :)

They ate candy floss and ring pops

Me and Lyn had a good old natter while we floated. I Loved that.

Overall a great day.  4 hours at the pool = success

Love this kid. His sense of humour is really great

Daniel: Fearless. Also hides and runs. He'd be the kid in the Gorilla enclosure 

Me old mucka, Lyn


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