Vacation: Day 4

Last night I was working on Daniel's quilt and then fell asleep on the couch. Woke up at 4am with my new bifocal lenses stuck to my eyeballs like glue. Dragged myself to bed,  but then Craig got up 2.5 hours later and I did too. I snook down to the basement so I could work on his quilt again.

By 8.30am both boys were up but we had a lazy morning. I'll rephrase that. They had a lazy morning. I quilted, cleaned the kitchen, did housework, and did laundry etc etc.

But it was a great day: Chilled at home, pool with Lyn and grandkids,  Mexican food truck for tea,  Jack's fist cello lesson, my new Jamberry nail wraps, and being able to carry my little one to bed. That never gets old.

A fab day again.


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