Vacation: Day 3

This morning I took the boys to "Fountainside", a free event in downtown Columbus, with crafts and play areas and fountains. It was a tad chilly at 70 degrees but the kids ran through the fountains anyway and had a good time.

Afterwards we met Lyn & grandsons again to go and see Kungfu Panda 3 at the movies (it was cute and watchable, thankfully). We also snook in our own popcorn and candy. Rebels!

Afterwards, we went back to her daughter's house to let the kids play some more. Her daughter's house has a steep driveway which the kids took full advantage of. They raced down there on scooters, bikes, wagons and anything else they could find. They'd typically get catapulted out at the bottom and land with a thud in the shrubbery.  Lyn and I sat at the top of the driveway, drinking tea and trying not to watch. Lord help me.

IMG_8302 from Pam on Vimeo.


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