Thursday, June 02, 2016

End of 1st & 4th Grades

Today marks the end of 1st and 4th grades in elementary school. There was no big hoopla, just a nice gathering in the playground with a few awards and popsicles.

Some of my friends had 5th graders who were graduating and moving on but their ceremony was yesterday. Some of those kids are not moving on to the local middle school, and so it was sad to know they're leaving. And of course one child died last week, so I believe it was a very moving ceremony.

But the occasion today was lighthearted and fun. Jack has one more year at the school and Daniel has 4 (I'll be going to Daniel's 5th grade graduation in slippers, with a hairy chin & mumbling about lost car keys).  They both make me so proud to be their mum. I looked at both today and realized that time is flying by far too quick and I need to savor it more. Savor their sweetness and their need to be with me. Savor every time Danny grabs my hand as we walk across a parking lot, or Jack whispers all of his dreams and fears at those precious moments just before he falls asleep each night. Seeing Jack as a 4th grader and yet clearly remembering every detail of his first day as a Kindergartner was a bit of an eye opener for me. My mantra is to savor every minute.

And so it is officially the start of summer! Nine weeks of day camps, two weeks of winging it, a visit from their sister Leanne, a trip to upstate New York, and tons of time at the pool. Bring it!

4th Grade

Jack with his friends & teacher Mrs T.

Jack and his buddy Mario

   I remember the first time these 3 met each other in kindergarten. It seems like just yesterday. 

With his buddy David

Daniel's ceremony started with a 10 minute slideshow in the classroom.  When the kids sang "Tomorrow" we all cried. I'm such a softy when it comes to that stuff.

1st Grade

His best friends and fellow Cub Scouts

Best Friends (sometimes)

With his lovely teacher, Mrs S.

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