Saturday, May 05, 2007

Camping Disaster Take 2

We took Jack camping when he was 6 weeks old (WHAT where we thinking??) and it was a nightmare so we waited till he was 10 months old & tried again. We went to River Trail Crossing Campground in Bellville, Ohio last night. The weather forecast was for a perfect sunny weekend.

It was a lovely night in the 70's and we got the tent site we wanted - right next to the river. There's trout in the river so Craig was excited about fly fishing for the first time this year. Jack finally got to sleep about 9pm so we lit a camp fire, enjoyed a glass of wine and began to unwind - perfect!

About 5am it started raining HARD and just didn't stop. It came into the tent. When Jack woke up about 7am I noticed his socks were wet - there was drips going into his bed and he was soaked! Poor little lad didn't complain. We went into Butler for breakfast at a great little cafe called the Whittlestop Diner. At this point we were still determined to keep going as we love camping. We even thought we could maybe go and visit Mansfield Reformatory where the Shawshank Redemption was filmed but when the weather was forecast rain all day & low 40's tonight we said stuff it, and came home. That's too cold for Jack and too wet for us all!

Here's a little video of our dejected car ride home. Craig's listening to a local radio program that had a session called "Marketplace" where people rang up to sell stuff. It was great! People were calling up drunk or crazy. One old girl said she was selling eggs for 20 cents a piece - I hope she meant "hens" and not hers!

We'll try camping again soon - third time lucky???

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