Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cody's Story

In 2003 we met Cody - we were thinking about getting a dog & we were looking at the rescue societies in Ohio. Each one urges you to adopt from a "kill" shelter. Basically a kill-shelter has so many dogs and so little money that they have to euthenise the animals after a certain period of time. We saw him on Scioto County Dog Pound website and rang up immedately as he was on "death row". They told me that Columbus Dog Connection (CDC) had just adopted him and to call them, which we did.
We met him at a fair that Columbus Dog Connection had at a pet shop that weekend. They had him inside and he was scared to death of the wild birds that had got in & were flying around. We adopted him that week. They thought he was about 1 or 2 when we got him, so he's 4 or 5 now and going a little grey in his beard!
Here's some of Cody's picture from that day:

The day we met him. Weighing 20 lbs less than he does now. Come on, how can we NOT give him treats? Look at that face....

Home for the first week - very nervous. Not used to a collar or a lead. First time we took him for a walk he sat down, exhausted!

Made the news! Was a "Weather Hound" on Chris Bradley's section of local news. Chris said "and here's Cody, from Clintonville, what a cutie!"

First ice cream from Dairy Queen.

A hot day in the garden. He's so handsome!

Five things we know about Cody:

1. He LOVES to chase squirrels and will sit under a tree, transfixed for hours watching them.

2. He hates the vacuum cleaner and will run when I get it out

3. He'll eat anything except tomatoes

4. When he snores he makes noises like a man talking, which has frightened me to death several times in the middle of the night!

5. No matter what his past story is, he loves people. He'll sit behind Jack & lick the back of his head for as long as Jack will let him.

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