Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bring on the Summer!

Our 2 big DIY projects this year were the kitchen (99.99% done) and painting the house.
Craig has worked like a demon this week in horribly hot & sticky weather to get the house painting finished before his mum & dad get here on the 8th June.
This Memorial Weekend we got several invites from friends (that we love) to join them in fun stuff, but we wanted to get this DIY finished so we could enjoy the summer, especially when his parents are here. So now folks - we are DONE with house projects and we WILL enjoy the summer... so bring it on!

Here are our "Before and After" pix of the house:

1 comment:

Fredsueand me said...

house looks fab, really nice colours, looks to suit the surrounding environment well kind of blends in. good job. I need to paint out house this year as the paint is cracking, really cant be arsed though, need some of your enthusiasm. nice one.

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